Black adda safety ladder leveller INSTALLATION

Just follow the 11 steps below to install your Blackadda safety ladder leveller in minutes. You can also click here to download instruction in PDF format.


Before you get started, please revise the safety notice here.

1. Remove swivel feet from telescopic legs

2. Remove the telescopic legs from the Black adda unit

3. Remove the lock nuts from the threaded rods supplied

4. Insert threaded rods through one side of the Black adda

5. Then insert the 1st half of the Black adda (with the rods) though the bottom two rungs of your ladder Note: Pin housing to face climbing side of ladder

6. Mark the rod 25mm from the outside edge of ladder rung (be sure that the rods are fully home into the Black adda unit)

7. Remove and cut the marked threaded rod

8. Repeat steps 4 & 5

9. Position the 2nd half of the Blackadda over the rods and flush to rungs

10. Using spanners supplied firmly tighten the Black adda to your ladder with the nylock nuts (recommended torque 12nm 8.5 foot pound)

11. Insert the telescopic legs, attach the swivel feet then tighten to allow for foot movement